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Paris Hilton Biography and Life Story

Paris Hilton Biography and Life Story

The socialite Paris Hilton, born on February 17, 1981 in the Hilton Family in New York with her three younger siblings, is heir to the vast Hilton hotel and real estate dynasty. Spent his childhood in the two sides on the most expensive neighborhoods and the characteristics of the education system to the palatial residence of a brief flirtation, including the ultra-exclusive Dwight School High School, to abandon it, and eventually won her High School Gade .
Life from a relatively early age of dazzling socialite life, to participate in exclusive parties and gossip coverage, Hilton apparently became a celebrity status, this may be hooked on to encourage his mother, Kathy Hilton, a short career mostly on television, his own example. Hilton began a remarkable and well-funded movement on the screen, television and music in the public eye. Efforts in this regard, including a large number of physical changes. A young girl is naturally good-looking, Hilton conducted a wide range of cosmetic, hair color, she tried to reinvent himself as a "hot" colored contact lenses. Unfortunately, money can not buy the physical attributes of her own likes and dislikes change: She is particularly large feet.

Some skeptics have guessed that the endless empty celebrity Hilton Center feud processions, in fact, is a publicity stunt, the other in front of the movement in order to maintain her high level of exposure. It has even been considered notorious Hilton family movie, with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, Hilton in execution Rick Salomon explicit romantic activities, as well as on the part of the sport. If yes, it worked. It is good or bad, his night Hilton household name, even widely as a video, 1 Night in Paris (2004) (5) selling.

Hilton Hotel's efforts finally paid off, she got some modeling work, and presumably the designer to rely on her notoriety. She has always existed in the growth on the screen, in television commercials, television and film, the first small role in the film Zoolander (2001), Wonderland (2003), Dr. Seuss "Cat Hat (2003) and television guest star role on the show as the owners' corporation "(2003) and" George Lopez "(2002), but the role, more importantly, the horror film House of Wax (2005), the Netherlands directly to a DVD up to (2006) (V) and his own television show, fish and water reality series "The Simple Life" (2003).

Hilton also plans to become a player in the music business, recorded albums, and even started their own music label, recording heirs, to release it.

Hilton is widely derided, some people see her narcissism, wisdom and deep materialism and other things, but she seems to know that there is no such thing as the old adage that bad publicity and it should be obvious, she is ambitious and driven to achieve, rather than simply indulging in his family's great wealth, for many other celebrities, and even to her opponents. In fact, part of the performance is only one of its many activities, it has affected the design, write (a trend, a team of professional writers, add), the management box at night, and even sales of video games - Paris Hilton, front and center of all functions .


Barron Hilton, Conrad Hilton's sister Nicky Hilton.

Announced that she will live on a farm, a new fish and water "reality" show called "The Simple Life" (2003). [2003]

Daughter of Rick Hilton and Kathy Hilton.

Her 21st birthday, she gave her five parties in London, New York, Las Vegas, Hollywood and Tokyo.

Niece of Kim Richards and Kyle Richards.

Three Pomeranian named Du, Sebastian and Prince, and two named Tinker Bell dog and a Chihuahua "Bambi."

Briefly attended the Canterbury School, a boarding school in the State of Connecticut, in his junior year. She then transferred to pre-retirement a few months later, in 纽约德怀特 school and get a Gade.

Fashion critic Blackwell (Richard Selzer) in 2003 worst dressed celebrities.

Briefly attended the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California.

Between her and ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon (by Shannen Doherty ex-husband), home sex video via the Internet broadcast in October 2003, exploded in popularity. When her 19-year-old video.

Small big niece of Conrad Hilton and Hilton, Francis.

The romantic, Edward Francis, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Kennedy, Simon Rex, Australian Idol star Rob Mills, Sum 41 lead singer Derek Hui Wembley, producer Robert Evans, boxer Oscar De La Hoya, and nightclub owner Ingrid Casares.

Announced at the end of 2003, she recorded the album. She enlisted JC Chasez and his producer Robert Boldt's help, to help create a dance pop album.

The Hilton name is Norwegian origin. His great-grandfather August Halvorsen Hilton was born in the family farm Hilton in Klofta, outside Oslo, Norway and the family emigrated to the United States before the age of 10.

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